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Exec Health
Solving unresolved pain

with Matthew Green

Exec Health is an 8 week, ultra personalised program for people who want to transform their health.


I don’t mean weight loss or fitness - I mean a true transformation, where your pain dissipates, flexibility returns and you find a confidence in movement that you’d forgotten existed. 

Mindful Myo

When I met Matt, I was in a bad way.

I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the season. After 6 weeks training with him, I was back on the field,

feeling as strong as ever.


How it works

The program is a combination of in person, and online appointments, with on-demand coaching access between each session.


You’ll have all the accountability and support you need to solve that issue that deep down, you’ve almost given up on solving.

8 week pain transformation

  • Apply to the Exec Health program via this form

  • We organise a (no cost) 15 minute discovery call to answer any questions (that we both may have), and figure out if we are the right fit to proceed.

  • You'll receive your Relief Kit, with the tools and equipment you need. You’ll also need access some basic weights, but nothing fancy.

  • In our first session, we create your personalised program. You'll access your program through your own online portal, full of tutorials and extra resources to fast track your progress. We then progress to your second appointment, ideally in person.

  • Over the 8 weeks, we meet once a week, updating and adjusting your program as we go.

  • In between sessions, you’ll still have access to me via our Coaching platform, to upload videos for feedback, ask questions or request any other support.

This type of therapy is normally reserved for pro-athletes.

We’re opening up the same level of high touch, best in class support to people suffering from persistent pain.

Peter Brukner.png

"Love Matt's work. Love his book. I'm Sick of Being Sore offers an enjoyable treat of a read that could change your life and let you return to some of those things you miss."

Dr Peter Brukner, OAM, previous team doctor for the Australian Cricket team & Liverpool F.C.

Matthew Green Health


The cost of the program is $5,650, this includes the appointments, your equipment and your program; paid upfront.



If after the first session it does not feel like a good fit, you are welcome to withdraw from the program. We'll refund all but $350, which covers my time and the cost of your Relief Kit.

About Matthew Green

Author of I'm Sick of Being Sore
Creator of BodyGuide


After 10 years in private practice, and over 10,000 hours of clinical experience, I closed my clinic to focus on BodyGuide.


That was 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and I realised I had an itch - I missed working 1:1 with people. So I made space in my diary, and now take 2 humans each month through my Exec Health program.


Outside of the Exec health program, I run health programs for companies like Multiplex, BUPA, Clayton Utz.

Matthew Green MM.jpg

This program isn’t just about pain relief.

It’s about building a body that

doesn't need treatment to feel good.

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